tisdag 18 januari 2011

Att göra en pudel

Stasi har visst lämnat stan och Hr Selling menar att angiveri-tankarna var ett marknsdsföringsknep som gick hem. Detta eftersom historien om tjuvrökning fick spridning i hela världen.

Och nu har alltså Selling backat, självklart ska inte Mitthem ägna sig åt att belöna angiveri!

För inte kan det vara så att den negativa kritiken varit för stor och hård? Inte spelade det väl nån roll att kommunalrådet Sjödin tog Selling i örat?
Nä inte då, det var en pr-kupp med lyckat resultat. Hur man nu kan veta det en knapp vecka efter att man gick ut med beslutet som alltså inte var något beslut.

Om ni frågar mig är Selling strax rökt!

3 kommentarer:

strandskatan sa...

"Rökt" var ordet !
F.ö. så hoppas jag att allt är om inte bra så i alla fall bättre med dig !

Anonym sa...

After this preface he gave me a particular account of the struldbrugs among them. He said they commonly acted like mortals, till about thirty years old, after which by degrees they grew melancholy and dejected, increasing in both till they came to fourscore. This he learned from their own confession; for otherwise there not being above two or three of that species born in an age, they were too few to form a general observation by. When they came to fourscore years, which is reckoned the extremity of living in this country, they had not only all the follies and infirmities of other old men, but many more which arose from the dreadful prospect of never dying. They were not only opinionative, peevish, covetous, morose, vain, talkative, but uncapable of friendship, and dead to all natural affection, which never descended below their grandchildren. Envy and impotent desires are their prevailing passions. But those objects against which their envy principally directed, are the vices of the younger sort, and the deaths of the old. By reflecting on the former, they find themselves cut off from all possibility of pleasure; and whenever they see a funeral, they lament and repine that others have gone to a harbor of rest, to which they themselves never can hope to arrive. They have no remembrance of anything but what they learned and observed in their youth and middle age, and even that is very imperfect. And for the truth or particulars of any fact, it is safer to depend on common traditions than upon their best recollections. The least miserable among them appear to be those who turn to dotage, and entirely lose their memories; these meet with more pity and assistance, because they want many bad qualities which abound in others.

Den hemska tvillingen sa...

Strandskatan; Tack, jag är bättre och kramar tillbaka med förhållandevis starka armar.

Anonym; Roger that....or not!